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Bohol Philippines

A Weekend in Bohol Philippines
Bohol | Philippines

Top notch diving, beautiful beaches, a Tarsier sanctuary and the Chocolate Hills. Here’s how we spent a weekend in Bohol.

By C. Gootz | Travel

Travel Costa Rica like a local
Costa Rica

Our top 10 unique things to do while in Costa Rica.

By C. Gootz | Travel        

Japan in 7 days

Japan in 7 days
Kyoto | Osaka | Tokyo

Food, sights, culture and robots! Our 7 day itinerary covering Japan’s most famous cities. 

By C. Gootz | Travel         

Storybook Winery Content Card

Tasting the Worlds Best Zinfandels in Napa Valley
Napa Valley | California

Storybook Winery produces some of the world’s best Zinfandels. We spent an afternoon tasting wines and learning about their unique story.

By C. Gootz | Travel

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls
Foz do Iguazu | Brazil

Find out why these majestic Falls are a must have on any serious Brazil travel itinerary.

By C. Gootz | Travel

Lake Tahoe California

Lake Tahoe East Shore Trail

Our take on the recently opened Tahoe East Shore Trail project! It’s a must see for those travelling to this beautiful area on the border of California and Nevada.

By C. Gootz |  Travel

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Astronaut - Think Big

Are You Thinking Like Elon Would About Your Next Career Move?

Are you thinking as big as Elon Musk would about your next career move? Here’s a bit of insight that could change how you think about your next 20 years.

By C. Gootz | Gootz Guide

Lifestyle Business vs Startup What’s the Difference?

If you have a blog, an arts and crafts business or even do a bit of online teaching are you a lifestyle business or a startup? What’s the difference?

By C. Gootz | Gootz Guide

How to Pick a Blog Niche in 2020

Whether you’re just starting a blog or have an existing blog already, you need to be thinking about what’s going to be valuable to your audience.

By C. Gootz | Gootz Guide

Split Brain

Mental Health Tech and Covid-19 – The Coming Wave

We reviewed the state of play in mental health technology and its applications to the Covid-19 recovery. 

By C. Gootz | Gootz Guide

How to Claim Trip Delay Insurance – Experience with the Chase Sapphire Reserve

How we saved nearly $800 in unanticipated expenses covered 100% by Chase.

By C. Gootz | Gootz Guide

How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business Today and Why You Don’t Need that “Great” Idea

Understand these simple benefits that only business ownership provides. 

By C. Gootz | Gootz Guide

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